Ruth and Boaz Prep

(Pre-marital Couples)


This is a 12-session workshop that focuses on pre-engaged couples. The goal of the seminar is to accomplish 3 main objectives:


1.      To give information to pre-engaged couples that will:

·        Identify foundational reason why we get married

·        Explore the value of commitment in marriage

·        Celebrate gender roles in marital relationship: Equal but different

·        View marriage as a refining and a rewarding process

·        Celebrate the intimacy and sexual union between couples

·        Strengthen communication in marriage

·        Foster financial accountability in the marital union


2.      To create a network of pre-engaged couples in the church during and after their 12

      week session. The idea is to be pro-active instead of reactive - that is, fire-

      fighting. Reasons:

Most churches wait until pre-engaged couples show up in the counseling office to announce their intentions to marry.  This may be too late as their desire to marry far outweighs their recognition of the need to be involved in a pre-marriage class.

·        Provide pre-marriage information early on while singles are considering marriage and are willing to listen. It is far better than waiting until their desire and intention to marry far outweighs their ability to whole-heartedly participate in classroom sessions. Striking while the iron is hot is better than striking it until it’s made hot (too much effort needed). So while they are at the pre-marital stage and motivated to be married, it is the best time to network them as a group.

·      Assign mentored couples that will be involved passively as a resource prior to and after marriage is a possibility.


3.      To prepare pre-engaged couples for a fulfilling marital life (proactive rather than

      reactive) this will:

·        Help prevent the tragedy associated with early surprise announcement of divorce

·        Eliminate the notion of irreconcilable differences leading to divorce

·        Strengthen a healthy view of marital life as a gift from God to be enjoyed

·        Prepare a new breed of couples who persevere, anticipate and celebrate the marital union