Worship the King Warfare Workshop

(Free at last)



This one-day workshop centers on instruction in spiritual warfare through the power of worship.  The focus is on strengthening the worship and prayer ministry of the church. The goal of the seminar is to accomplish 3 main objectives:


1.      To inform worship/prayer leaders and their team members to be able to:

·        Define spiritual warfare in relation to divine destiny.

·        Understand the Biblical languages of spiritual warfare.

·        Identify and deal with the strategies of the enemy.

·        Pray prophesies into reality.

·        Use anointed worship - the powerful weapon to silence the enemy.

·        Experience deliverance from bondages, the right of every believer.


2.      To create an awareness of the victory we have over the forces of darkness in

      relation to our walk with the Lord. Worship leaders and believers of Christ

      need to understand that:

·        Fear motivates the defeated enemy while focus on Christ’s finished work on the cross overcomes every work of the enemy.

·        Worship creates an atmosphere that constantly repels the presence of demonic forces in our worship service and in our personal lives

·        Prayer in the spirit is a supernatural key to unlock heavenly doors.

·        The prayer of agreement in any place releases fresh anointing on a consistent basis.



3.      To prepare prayer and worship teams to stand as watch men over their churches

      and families, and communities by:

·        Equipping worship teams to open heavenly doors during worship service.

·        Informing prayer warriors of their rights during spiritual warfare.

·        Creating a healthy spiritual awareness of the believer’s rights and authority in spiritual warfare through the power of worship.

·        Preparing a new breed of worship leaders and intercessors to support the spiritual climate of the local church.