Cool Teens Dating Club

(Dating Teens)



This is a seminar that focuses on teens that are dating but are not considered adult and therefore are not usually included in the information loop. The goal of this seminar is to accomplish 3 main objectives:


1.      To equip teens with information that will:

·        Celebrate the teen years before they reach young adulthood

·        Create a wholesome understanding of the dating process

·        Explore the impact of personality on relationships

·        Create healthy boundaries around the issue of sexuality in dating

·        Strengthen communications in all their relationships


2.      To create a network of dating teens in the churches as a unique branch of the

      church. Reasons:

Most churches/parents are hoping that dating teens will get it right as they navigate the stormy waters of the teenage years with their provisional partners. Too often this game of chance ends up messy with teens involved in risky and sexual behaviors, suicide, gang rape, and physical violence with consequences continuing up into their young adult life.

·        Knowing that their raging hormones at this stage far outweigh their sense of judgment and caution it is good to inform them of the risks early on. Striking the iron while it’s hot is better than striking it until it’s made hot (too much effort needed). So while they are considering navigating the waters of adolescents it’s the best time to reel them in, inform them and network them as a group.

·        Arrange two groups: all teenagers and those dating. There could be special sessions for each group.


3.      To prepare teens for a smooth less troubled transition into adulthood and a

      fulfilling future marital life (proactive rather than reactive):

·        Help prevent sexual risk taking behaviors.

·        Support parents to walk with their teens during this stage of life.

·        Strengthen a healthy view of family.

·        Prepare a new breed of teens that can anticipate and celebrate the marital union as a gift from God.