Songs Of Solomon Dating Club

(Dating Singles)



This is a seminar for dating singles that are or maybe considering marriage in the near future. The goal of the seminar is to accomplish 3 main objectives:


1.      To give information to dating singles that will:

·        Celebrate singleness before saying “I do”.

·        Aid understanding of individual personality and its’ impact on relationships

·        Create healthy boundaries of sexuality in dating

·        Strengthen communication that will grow stronger in marriage


2.      To create a network of dating singles’ in the churches as a unique branch of the


·        Proactively introduce the dating single to pre-marital information in the seminars instead of waiting until they show up in the counseling office to announce their intentions to marry.

·        Provide pre-marriage information early on while singles are considering marriage and are willing to listen. It is far better than waiting until their desire and intention to marry far outweighs their realization that they need the classroom sessions. Striking while the iron is hot is better than striking it until it’s made hot (too much effort needed).  The best time to reel them in, inform and network them as a group is while they are considering marriage.

·        The network may consist of two groups: all singles and those dating. Special sessions for the individual groups may be scheduled.


3.      To prepare singles for a fulfilling future marital life (proactive rather than reactive)

      This will:

·        Help prevent the tragedy associated with early surprises of marital life

·        Eliminate the notion of irreconcilable differences that lead to divorce

·        Strengthen a healthy view of marital life as a gift from God

·        Prepare a new breed of couples who anticipate and celebrate the marital union