The S.P.I.C.E. UP ministry conferences focuses on strengthening  and enhancing various aspects of human relationship through workshops and seminars within churches  and  local organizations. Seminars include, training for singles, single parenting, dating couples, marital issues, teen issues, including teen parenting, 12 weeks training program  for engaged couples, whole day in-depth seminar on  celebrating biblical sexuality for couples.


Additional services include relationship counseling development program and consultation service at various levels of leadership within  the local church and organizations.


S.P.I.C.E. UP is the core program with Spirituality as the bedrock.


The acronym means:


Spirituality ... Strengthening  the spiritual  consciousness of relationships with the goal to enhance the family’s and individual’s understanding  about spirituality as a foundation for everyday living.


Personality ... create an awareness that “Who you are” impacts every aspect of  interpersonal relationships.


Intimacy... Encourages the need for building  and refueling emotional tracks and tanks in relationships, while understanding  the  5 levels of intimacy


Communication...Fosters open and honest  communication about every dimension of  relationship without pride,  prejudice or intimidation.


Enjoyment ... Focuses on the  celebration of relationships at the deepest levels,  maximizing the  use of time  given providentially to relationships.